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Expectations and Assignments

Practice Log: All Band members will need to complete a weekly Practice Log sheet. Students who expect to receive an "A" grade are required to submit two Practice Log sheets per week, one on Monday explaining weekend practice sessions, and one on Friday, explaining the week day's practice session. Students who only submit one completed Practice Log per week will not be eligible to earn an A in Band Class. It is important that students exhibit a 'growth mindset' in instrument music study since the course of study of music is not prescribed by levels in the real world, and it is a life-long journey.

Peer Assessment Sheet and Reflection: All Band members are required to complete a peer assessment sheet for four of their classmates (to be assigned by Mr. Solomon) during playing tests. In order to receive an "A" grade, students must provide feedback according to the sheet, in legible handwriting, and clearly written sentences. Feedback should be direct and well thought out, and must help the performer to fully understand what is needed to improve, as well as what the performer is achieving at a high level.

Performance Assessment Rubric: During the Performance Assessment (previously referred to as 'Playing Test') students will play a passage of music that will be communicated to them with four days notice. For instance, if the Assessment is scheduled for a Friday, the students will be informed what is required to be played on the Monday before. However, if the Assessment is to be given on a Monday, students will know on the Wednesday before. Students will all be required to perform the assessment with a metronome clicking to insure they are keeping a perfect tempo, so it is best for them to practice at home with a metronome. Wind players will also be required to play with a tuner to ensure they are playing with perfect intonation.

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