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Please welcome the newest ensemble to QISS! 

The QISS Master's Chamber Ensemble was started this year for the most advanced players of the school who play either woodwind or string instruments.  We play woodwind quintet arrangements of famous baroque, classical and romantic era music from well-known composers.  Whereas QISS Band plays more modern sounding music, this new chamber ensemble will play a larger array of works, in the folk and classical genres.  The music is technically the most challenging at QISS.  This year, the ensemble was put together for semester one as a trial.  After-school ensembles are meant to be a supplement to the band program, and all performers in after school ensembles will also perform with the Band at events, even if they are unable to register for the Band Class.  It is expected that these performers will be able to join the band one week or so prior to the performances and play the Band Class music to as high a level as their own.  Eventually there will be auditions to become a member of this ensemble, and there may be enough enrollment to branch off into two new ensembles.  This ensemble meets during ASAP time, 3:30-4:20pm on Tuesday afternoons.